SFS30 V22 Fiber Laser Scriber
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SFS30 V22 Fiber Laser Scriber

SFS30 V22 Fiber Laser Scriber

  • Brief description:Suitable for mono- and multi-crystalline silicon solar cell scribing.

Technical Parameter

lLeading technology: fiber laser, good beam quality; cutting section more neat, more accurate.

lHigh working efficiency: the Max slice speed can reach 500mm / S, and the production capacity can reach 600 whole pieces / hour (1 / 2 slice).

lAdd the electric foot switch to operate more convenient.

lMaintenance free: the whole machine adopts standard modular design, truly maintenance free, uninterrupted continuous operation, no consumable vulnerable parts replacement.

lSpecial control software: the control software designed for the laser scribing machine is simple to operate and can display the scribing path in real time.


Equipment Model

SFS30 V22

cell Specifications

156x156~210x210mm (W x L)

Scribing Capacity

600 whole slice / hour (one cut per slice)

Scribing Accuracy


Paddling speed

Max 500 mm/s

Damage Rate


Enched Line Width


Positioning method

Mechanical positioning

Laser Sources

Fiber laser wavelength: 1064nm

Average power: 30W

Equipment Size

900mm x 800mm x1500mm

Weight Of Equipment


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