Solar Modules
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Solar Modules

Solar Modules

  • Brief description:Solar products come in a range of types to accommodate diverse needs.

Technical Parameter


Tempered PV glass with ultra-clear AR coating

lTransmittance level is 12% higher than that of ordinary glass.

lReflectivity level is 30% lower than that of ordinary glass.



lHigher Efficiency.

lGreater durability over time.


PV Cells

lHigher Efficiency.

lConsistency in appearance.


Back Sheet

lIsolation at the highest level

The multilayer structure ensures excellent performance in damp conditions, as it exhibits extremely low water absorption and permeability even under rigorous 21kV Hi-Voltage breakdown testing.

lGreater durability over time

Enduring fire, dust, UV, and tear tests confirms its capacity to endure in practical applications for a prolonged period of time.



l120N tensile strength

lMultiple drainage holes for efficient drainage

lGlue injection ensures a strong seal


Junction Box

lUser-friendliness and durability.

lExcellent ability to create a seal.

lIP68 level waterproof

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