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laminator machine

laminator machine

  • Brief description:“ZST-AYZ-27-58” laminator machine is a special facility to laminate and pack the materials into non-gap composed structure. The laminator machine sticks the multi-layered materials together through thermoplastic or thermo set film. The temperature, vacuum and pressure can be controlled separately during the working process, so as to provide the best processing conditions for special materials and dispositions.

Technical Parameter

As the third generation, this kind of machine has many advantages compared with machines of the first generation.

lIt is power-saving by more than 20%; production capacity can be increased by 20%; digital control; integrated machine.

lIt has good-looking appearance and covers small space.

lThe noise is low 65dB with the use of high efficiency vacuum pump.

lWith low power consumption, fast producing speed and stable performance, this kind of machine is the ideal product for the large scale Solar Panel-producing factories that need to upgrade or replace their machines.



Specifications and Technical Parameters

The overall size and weight


Host Machine:19200mm×3730mm×1850mm ; Net Weight : 17200Kg

Oil Station :2000mm×600mm×1500mm; Net Weight:1200Kg

Vacuum Station :1340mm×780mm×1850mm; Net Weight:1500Kg

The Power capacity of the



Heating power:50KW , Vacuum pump:7.5+3.0KW

Heat-conducting oil Pump:7.5KW, Cooling Fan:3KW

Other power used:0.4KW , Motor Total Power:5.6KW

Total Max Power:76.6KW, Normal work average:35KW

The effective laminating area


The maximum thickness of the solar cell modules



Vacuum system


Vacuum pump: 302+300

Exhaust-speed: (302+300)M3 /H (168L/S)

Pumping speed: pressure in the pumping lower chamber can reach <100Pa in 45S.

Suppression control


Suppression power: 0-1 atmospheric pressure (at) =1kg/cadjustable, from System setup air inflation Valve open work time.

Suppression speed: 2 kinds of time, chosen through solenoid valve

Temperature control


Temperature uniformity: 100~160℃±2(full load) 

Operating temperature: up to 160 

Heating speed: from 25 to 140, in 60-80 minutes

Temperature control: three independent PID control area with thermocouple, the thermocouple placed on the top of the hot plate


Upper chamber lifting system

(Four Air Cylinder

lifting /landing system)

Consist of Four Set Air Cylinder and Control System with Protecter

Campaign trip: 200mm

Lifting speed: less than 5 seconds from closed to full open

Control system


PLC: Taiwan Yong Hong/ independent intellectual property controlling software

Touch screen: 10.4inches TFT color screen

Display properties: temperature, the “set value” and the “current value” of the processing time in working

Control mode: manual control, automatic control

Parameter screen: to set process parameter for each procedure

Width of the high temperature conveyor belt: 2180mm

All around with protect Cover

EVA Auto Clean



After finish Lamination, Brusher will clean Teflon conveyor surface residual EVA ,If machine deploy Top Teflon Conveyor,Top Brusher will clean Top Teflon conveyor surface residual EVA same time, and residual EVA will be cleaned to under box.

Cooling Fan System


When solar panels come out unloading machine Roller, PLC will control Cooling Fan to work till all panel remove from unloading machine,cooling time can be setup.

Security alarm system


The system also install failure alarms such as over-temperature,

oil-lacking, opening vacuum, vacuum leakage, vacuum pump, circulating pump ,parameter set error and heat system etc.

Conveyor Belt


Top&Bottom with Teflon Conveyor Belt duty-cycle operation,with more adjacent & infrared sensor to test.

Top Belt size:7.0m*2.68m*2pcs, connect by two piece connecting rod

Bottom Belt Size:7.25*2.68m*2pcs, connect by two piece connecting rod

Color of the shell

white, High Temperature pyrolytic coating



Host Machine Net Weight: 17200kg ;Oil And Vacuum Station Weight:2700Kg

Required load-bearing capacity of the ground:20-25kPa(20-25kg/)

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